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Top 3 fun things to do with your family

Visiting Valle d’Itria, the beautiful trulli land in Puglia, is a wonderful experience for any person, as there are numerous festivals and attractions that entice you to come here all year round.

No matter if you choose to explore the area alone, with your friends or family: you always get new, exciting and quirky things to do, which make visiting Puglia well worth it. If you are looking for an exciting, fun and memorable holiday in Puglia to take with your family in Alberobello area, you should check out the following three things:

Zoo Safari in Fasano, a place where you can visit wild animals and their newborns


Zoo-safari-Puglia-AriaLuxuryApuliaZoosafari Fasanolandia is a massive animal attraction theme park located in Fasano, 30 km far from the famous “White city” of Ostuni. The park, one of the biggest in Europe for number of species, includes a variety of unique locations such as the massive safari park, a multitude of animal areas as well as animals’ shows.

Since it was opened in 1973, the Zoosafari Fasanolandia has always managed to bring new and impressive animals for its audience. The zoo hosts the only male African elephant and Polar bears in Italy and it is the home of a variety of other animals such as lions, giraffes and zebras.

The animals’ welfare is taken in great care by the zoo. The high-standard is proven by the numerous newborns that regularly enlarge the family, since the zoo takes its role seriously when it comes to helping species evolve. Numerous newborns, such as chimps and penguins can be seen here, and they are the delight of all visitors.

Putignano Carnival, a stunning parade of papier-mâché floats


Putignano-Carnival-AriaLuxuryApuliaPutignano is a small city not far from Bari that boasts the oldest and longest carnival in Italy. It starts on December 26th, and finishes Shrove Tuesday. The Putignano Carnival is also of the largest carnivals in Italy and the thing that makes it stand out is the wonderful parade of papier-mâché floats.

The carnival’s history is a long one, but nowadays the carnival is famous for the amazing satirical masks, the colorful groups that take part to the parades as well as the massive floats.

Despite looking like a medieval procession, this is pretty much a modern one and the carnival manages to combine the best out of both worlds.

There is a figurine that stands out during the Putignano Carnival, the Farinella, which has a costume that is created out of multiple patches with different colors, quite similar to a jester.


Love carnivals, then read everything about Puglia’s carnival celebrations here.

Castellana Caves, a place perfect for hiking and those that have a spirit of adventure


Castellana-Caves-AriaLuxuryApulia2The Castellana Caves is a karst cave formation system among the most important in Italy. The caves are located just 17 km far from Alberobello, the popular UNESCO world heritage site of Valle d’Itria, in Puglia.

Their geological story dates back about 90 million years ago, when they began to form. The cave exploration extents up to 3 km and the caves have a constant temperature of around 16° -18°. Stalactites, stalagmites, amazing shapes, fossils and wonderful colors stimulate the visitors’ imagination. The caves can be visited also at night, with a group of speleologists.

The main cave is called La Grave and then there are the Precipice Cavern, the Black Cavern and the White Cave “Grotta Bianca”, which is considered one of the most spectacular caves in the world. Castellana Caves surely are one of the major attractions in Puglia.


If you want to explore more grottos in Puglia, read on about Puglia’s best hidden caves.

As you can see, there are a variety of places that you can check out when you visit Puglia during your family holiday. If you want to get the best possible experience while visiting this stunning region, we recommend you to rent the Trulli Bianchi with pool.

This lovely trulli villa is place where you can truly enjoy the beauty of Valle d’Itria while also being close to all the aforementioned locations. Check the Trulli Bianchi right away!

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