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The Best Puglia Music Festivals 2019

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to a Puglia holidayWith myriads of local celebrations and countless food and music festivals, Puglia hides a plethora of unexpected wonders during the summer holiday.

Among endless diverse events, Locus music festivals – held in the Itria Valley – and Taranta Night – held in Salento – are true examples of the growing popularity of the region and a glimpse into the traditions of Puglia when it comes to holiday destinations.


The Locus Festival 2019 in Locorotondo, Central Puglia


What is The Locus Festival?


The Locus festival is one of the best annual music festivals in Puglia. It is held in the enchanting village of Locorotondo, in the Itria Valley.

For just over four weeks of the summer, between 7th July and 11th August 2019 in Locorotondo, the festival takes over the Itria Valley and bring it alive with original new music and traditional Italian culture.

Hosting cutting edge artists, International stars and up and coming bands, the festival is perfect for music moguls and culture courtesans the world over.

Photo credit: Umberto Lopez

A Long-Standing Musical Event



Hosting global stars before they reached the international recognition, such as Aloe Blacc and Fat Freddy’s Drop, the festival has cemented itself as a pioneer of exciting new talent.

With avant-garde artists and well-respected DJs making up the stunning lineup, Locus caters for music lovers with all tastes and preferences.

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Photo credit: Umberto Lopez

Experience a True Pugliese Festival


Thanks to the glorious backdrop of the ancient Pugliese landscape, mixed with the modern views and sounds of the 21st-century festival, Locus provides a truly unique experience for those wanting to experience a music festival the Italian way.

With numerous traditional Italian and Pugliese food and wine stands all over the area, Locus provides a special blend of traditional culture and modern music.

It creates an inimitable and unrivalled atmosphere and is a must-see when on holiday in Puglia.

Photo credit: Umberto Lopez

More About 2019 Puglia Summer Music Festival Locus


music festivals puglia Taking place from the 27th of July to the 14th of August in the heart of Puglia, the festival will develop its theme through adventurous musical paths, art, and exclusive designs. 

It will highlight one of the most beautiful parts of Puglia in a truly unconventional way. Bringing cutting-edge sounds from around the world, Locus sets a precedent for others to follow.

Photo credit: Umberto Lopez

The Taranta Night 2019 In Melpignano, Southern Puglia


What is The Night of Taranta festival?


Established in 1998, La Notte della Taranta is an annual music festival that attracts more than 120,000 people every year.

Its uniqueness and dedication to traditional culture and folk music make the Taranta Night one of the most amazing summer music festivals in Italy.

The 2019 Night of Taranta festival will take over the streets of Melpignano on August 25th. People will enjoy once again dancing to the sound of national music, infecting with enthusiasm both rock stars and artists.

Did you enjoy reading about the Locus and Taranta music festivals? Learn more about the Top 5 Summer Festivals In Puglia.

Visit Puglia and Experience its Unique Vibes


music-festivals-pugliaThe only way to get the best out of the region is to stay for a week or two.

Renting a gorgous villa in Puglia with pool gives you the freedom to explore all that the unique area has to offer, allowing you to try new foods, explore quirky towns and ancient monuments off the beaten track and experience the true Pugliese lifestyle for yourself.

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