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Arriving at the Italian Lakes

When you’re planning a trip to the Italian Lakes it can be hard to know what to expect if you’ve never been to the region before. The good news is that there isn’t part of the Italian Lakes that isn’t picturesque and stunningly beautiful. Despite being the place to head to relax amid natural surroundings that take your breath away, it’s easily accessible and you can even travel between the lakes and to nearby cities, including Milan, Verona, and Venice, on public transport without too much hassle.

Choose your lake


The first thing you need to do is choose between the Lakes. Whichever you pick, you can expect stretches of sparkling water, vibrant gardens, and mountainous scenery.

Lake Como is called the most beautiful town in Italy, Lake Iseo is perfect for peacefulness, Lake Garda is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and Lake Orta is home to a medieval village. The other lakes include Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. The lakes of Italy are so diverse that choosing to visit multiple ones in a single trip is common.

Arriving by plane


Whichever lake you decide to head to, Milan’s Malpensa airport is where you should be flying into. Serviced by several different airlines flying in from multiple locations, you’ll be able to find a flight that’s right for you. The Milan airport is just 15km away from Lake Maggiore and very accessible for the other destinations too.

If you’re planning a trip to Como, Iseo, or Garda it’s worth looking at flights to Orio al Serio airport, which has less flights but is closer by. Verona’s airport at Villafranca could be a good choice for Lakes Iseo and Garda.

Arriving by car


Getting to your final destination should be simple too. Taxis are available at all airports but with buses and trains crisscrossing through the region to all the most popular destinations you have multiple options to choose from. While driving in Italy might be cautioned in some of the larger cities, you’ll find real delight in driving around the Lakes area.

Choosing to drive gives you more freedom when you arrive too. The local region is littered with ornate gardens, villas open to the publics, and hiking trails that are off the beaten track.

Once you’ve arrived at your Italian Lakes destination, we promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s the lake and mountain vistas that have captured tourists’ attention but there’s plenty to do as well. Your trip will be filled with trying delicious Italian cuisine, enjoying the outdoors, getting out onto the lake, and much more. Choose your luxury villa among our collection and plan the trip of your dreams.

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