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Vegetables of Puglia

Puglian cuisine gives a huge importance to raw materials and seasonal vegetables. The mild Mediterranean climate favors the growth and excellence of the production of vegetables, which have exceptional flavors and nutritional values. Wandering around Pugliese countryside, it is easy to come across small and huge plantation of greens and vegetables, but also wild herbs and tubers which are widely used in the cuisine of Puglia.

Try Puglia’s turnips when on holiday to Puglia

rigatoni-pasta-holidays-in-pugliaPuglia is the region with the richest heritage of populations of turnip greens (cima di rapa), as a result of many years of selection carried out mainly by farmers. Turnip greens have a characteristic taste and they are used in many recipes, often in combination with mashed broad beans (purè di fave) and orecchiette (type of handmade pasta).

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The Most important vegetables in Puglia


Italian traditional crostini with mozzarella and dried tomato, selective focus

Artichoke (carciofo), available in the markets of Puglia from September to May, is used raw in salads with lemon juice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil or cooked in numerous recipes. It is also typical in Puglia to prepare a conserve of artichokes in olive oil

Tomato (pomodoro) is one of the most important cultivation ingredients in Puglia. In the summer months, it is used for fresh consumption and to make domestic conserve to be consumed in cold seasons. Pummittori te pennula (tomatoes to hang up) are a variety of tomatoes that last for many months since they were harvested in the summer.



Wild Herbs in the local cuisine


Among the many wild herbs and greens used in Pugliese cuisine, we recommend tasting a variety of thistle: the dandelion, here called zanguni. In Puglia, the leaves of zanguni are used raw in salads or stuffed with watercress, in fries and pastas, or in soups. Wild chicory (cicureddha), even if it is good to be tasted raw, is mainly consumed boiled in the Puglia region and it is seasoned with olive oil or pork meat and grated Parmigiano cheese.

The carousel (il carosello) and the rogue (il barattiere) are consumed immature[MB1]  as an alternative to cucumber, as they are more easily digestible. Belonging to the species Cucumis melo L., they are usually eaten in salad with tomato, oregano or fresh onions. Carota di Polignano (carrot of Polignano a Mare), cultivated in about five acres in the province of Bari, is of great interest for its colours (yellow, purple, red and orange), its sublime fragrance, crispness and its health benefits.


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