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Set sail across the sparkling waters of the Ionian Sea aboard a luxury 40ft sailing yacht. Set off from Gallipoli Harbour with two crewmen, a dinghy for beach and grotto visits and lunch and drinks aboard. Particular highlights along the coast include the beautiful island of Sant’Andrea and several of Puglia’s famous beaches.

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Spend a whole day at sea along the Gallipoli coast on board a stunning 40-foot sailing yacht. Depart in the morning from Gallipoli Old Town, close to Puglia’s and sail North or South along the stunning rock cliffs and the enchanting beaches of the Ionian sea. Look out for ancient watchtowers, lighthouses, and some of Puglia’s most spectacular seaboards.

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Some of the highlights include, Gallipoli Harbour itself, a small fortress town surrounded by defensive high walls built in the 14th century. Sailing North you will see a vast almost non-stop strip of paradisiacal golden sand wild beaches. One beach in particular is Porto Selvaggio, a pristine coastal enclave that has enjoyed protected-area status since 1980. There are also several spectacular grottos that are best viewed from the boats on-board dinghy.

Sailing South you will see the beautiful island of Sant’Andrea and the stunning Punta del Pizzo, another wild protected Puglia beach.

The yacht has a diving platform outdoor shower and all the snorkel equipment to enjoy a swim and snorkel in the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea. A lunch of Puglia cuisine and drinks are included with as much swimming and diving, as you would like.

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